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The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

I just finished watching this movie, “The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio”, a true story of a housewife, Evelyn Ryan, who provided for her ten children by winning contests in the 1950’s and 1960’s because her husband would drink away a large sum of his paycheck, keeping them poor. At the end of the movie, it shows a photo and update of each of the ten children, now adults, and reveals that one of the daughters, Terry, wrote the memoir that the movie is based on. What a great woman. Instead of just complaining about her poverty, she used her creativity to do something about it.

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Cutting my hair

I always hated having long hair- my hair is thick so it gets tangly, and having long hair means it takes longer to clean, to brush, etc. And when my hair falls out, it’s more noticeable as well. I always had my hair up to shoulder length or so, up until recently. My mom told me not to cut my hair until I get married- the assumption is that men like women with long hair. I also wanted to look more feminine, so I grew out my hair and now it’s longer than it’s ever been. I thought about going to the hair salon and getting my hair cut, but for the first time ever, I was surprised to find myself hesitant to cut it. I do like being able to do more with my hair- I have hair sticks so I can put it up in a bun, which I probably won’t be able to do if I cut it medium length. I can also put it into braids, but usually I just put it into a ponytail so it stays out of my face during work.

I thought about my mom and other women in my culture who for some reason, tend to cut their hair short and perm it after they get married and have children. It’s as if they give up on their femininity because they don’t have as much time (or motivation) anymore. I find that a bit sad, to be honest. I also thought about donating my hair so it doesn’t go to waste while I cut it. I’ve done it before a few years ago- my mom cut my long ponytail, then I sent it in the mail so it could be made into a wig for sick kids. I think I’ll do that again. The act of giving can be feminine too, I think.

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Male/Female Differences

I wanted to created a list of some differences between men and women. I’ll probably add more to this later.


…tend to have more upper body strength than women

…tend to be taller than women

…tend to have more body hair than women

…are more likely to be colorblind

…are more likely to be diagnosed with autism

…are more likely to be diagnosed with Kleine-Levin syndrome

…are more likely to get osteoarthritis before age 45

…are more likely to get liver cancer

…lose weight faster than women

…tend to care more about things, rather than people (according to Dr. Jordan Peterson)


…are more likely to get autoimmune diseases such as multiple scelerosis

…are more likely to get osteoarthritis after age 45

…are more likely to develop depression

…are more likely to develop eating disorders

…are more likely to initiate divorce than men in the USA

….tend to live longer than men

…tend to care more about people than things (according to Dr. Jordan Peterson)




NOUN an adult human female

What does it mean to be a woman? What used to be a simple question is hard to answer these days without offending someone. We live in an increasingly gender neutral world, where women are more feminist than feminine, and femininity is becoming rarer as time goes by. I want to study history and science and find out what femininity is and figure out what makes women different than men, and share it with you. I’ll be sharing quotes from books, scientific facts, stories from history, poems, songs, etc.